Stunning Hole Park - open for the NGS tomorrow

A quick visit to Hole Park  today to see the magnificent Magnolias. Planted 40 years ago the star of the show has reached over 50 foot.  They are open for the National Garden Scheme tomorrow, and will soon be open every day for a month for the Bluebell spectacular. Well worth at least one visit for each season.

The view across the fountain pond to the windmill on the left and the cut through on the right.

The entrance to the new area being designed in collaboration with Charlotte Molesworth, more of which soon.

The woodland garden, full of Magnolia , Camellia, and Azalea to come. With a carpet of Narcissus, Primrose and Scilla (below)

40 years old and over 50 foot high!


  1. The magnolias are magnificent, and the woodland garden is enchanting. I love it all! I wasn't familiar with Hole Park, so thanks for broadening my world.

  2. You're welcome! Tomorrow is now today, although not as sunny sadly. I will be visiting again for the bluebells when they - and the sun - are out together!


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