The Bees Knees

The buff colour tail of Mrs Bombus terrestris (or should that be Ma'am as she is the Queen)
I followed her to an unlikely looking small hole under some leaves which I guess is the new nest-in-progress.
I will be careful not to stick a fork in there in the coming months!
On a neighbouring Skimmia another Queen, this looks like the red tailed Bombus lapidarius. 
The skimmia smells like pure honey with the sun on it, I am not surprised it is full of bees. Not as full as our chimney mind you - that is where these honey bees have nested for the past few years - It gets quite noisy sometimes!

Not a real bee but a fly - a Bee Fly - Bombylius major, a fast wee fellow who did his best to elude my lens!

Whether a true bumble bee or just a cuckoo bee?  It's all in the hairiness of the legs! 
The Bumble Bee Conservation Trust has a super helpful identification webpage if you want to get that close!


  1. Great Blog!

  2. This hairy fella is certainly enjoying your beautiful blooms and she's very very busy now.

  3. so glad i'm not the only one dancing around with a camera! lovely photos, your skimmias look at least a week ahead of ours...
    thanks too for the link to the bumblebee society, a very useful site indeed...

  4. Thanks Michael - I was inspired by you to start identifying them. Now find I'm being constantly lured from weeding by differing buzzes to see who they are!

  5. WoW! What an amazing collection of Bumble Bees! I’ve seen the Large garden and the Buffed tail . They’re so dozy and clumsy, bumping into the blossoms yet ever so busy. It’s such a wonderful time of year and obvious why its called Spring…… I love the colour of all the fresh growth.
    I hope you enjoyed Hole Park. I’m waiting for my father in law to come down so we can go together.
    It’s especially thoughtful of you to gather these lovely photos! They made me smile all day !
    XX D


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