Early morning posting

So much is happening now in the garden that the early postman begins to catch me crouched outside under a shrub at a strange angle in my dressing gown, camera in hand!..

Primula vulgaris - so sweet and so stalwart
The peonies are about to cover and hide their twiggy support

Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White'

Pulmonaria Lodden's Blue amongst the prolific primrose

Daphne, so tiny but the scent carries so far


  1. Marian, it is amazing to see how far ahead the garden season is on some things, peonies just arising from the ground, but my "Sissinghurst" (bought for the name, lol) pulmonaria is also in flower.

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one out early wearing my pj's taking pictures some days :) It's easy to get distracted by all the flowers blooming in Spring. The support for your Peonies is really neat, much nicer than my green wire ones. My Daphne is still blooming, it's amazing how good those little flowers smell.

  3. You really are a woman of many, many talents! These are dazzling, vibrant, photos! They make you wish you where a bumble bee.
    D x
    P.S. Is the postman cute?

  4. Thank you Deborah - I love to think of all the same types of flower blooming over the world. I will pop into Sissinghurst in the next couple of days and post you some pics if their Pulmonaria is flowering too!

  5. Hey Catherine I guess the postman should be relieved we at least cover up! I will post some other pics of supports - I like to make my own, they meld into the back ground, and they are free!

  6. Marian its incredible how far on your peonies are compared to mine. It will be interesting to see when yours flower compared to mine. Like Catherine I too like your support for them.

    lol I have not dared to go out the front garden and I don't think I'm brave enough either in pj's but have been known to frequent the backgarden to get a good photo.

    Have a great week in the garden

  7. Luscious! I photograph in my pjs all the time. Never intend to, but I'll walk out into the garden and suddenly feeling an urgent need to grab the camera!!


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