Salvias at Sissinghurst

It's always good to see what colour is still going at 'professional' gardens, and this week the Salvias at Sissinghurst took the prize. Not all are fully hardy and not all will tolerate wet clay unless, as at Sissinghurst, it has been well worked and improved. These are some of my favourites:The crazy 1970's furry velveteen bicolored Salvia leucantha. I had a bridesmaid's dress this colour in 1972 and the bride wore a mini dress!

Sweet little Salvia Greggii x Lycioides, useful for a pot or raised bed where you can get close to the delicate flowers.
Clear blue Salvia 'Cambridge Blue', delicately beautiful against the yew hedge.
Another crazy furry Salvia, this time S.convertifolia, if it had a cultivar I'd want to call it 'hot lips'!
Spires of Salvia convertifolia in the hot garden
Better known Salvia fulgens, still hot but not as furry.
Salvia farinacea 'Victoria', more floriforous than some of the others with a lovely clear blue.
Salvia uliginosa, one of the most popular and you can see why.
Salvia semiatrata, a great pink that worked well with Dahlia 'Michigan'
Salvia coahuilensis, syn Salvia greggii 'Purple'

Salvia Guaranitica 'Purple Majesty', the largest and most majestic, fittingly, of the lot.

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