Les Jardins d'Angelique

How do you describe a garden made in the memory of a daughter who died at nineteen? Romantic hardly seems appropriate, and yet this garden is not a sad or tragic place at all. The enormous energy and empathy of Angelique's mother Mme Gloria Lebellegard is everywhere evident. Since her husband died she tends to the garden they created together almost alone.

The style is romantically abundant, with paths to follow through many types of hydrangeas, under amelanchier and pear tree underplanted with a delicious medley of euonymus, aster, phlox, molinia and miscanthus and evidence of earlier foxgloves astrantias, peony and snapdragon. Roses and clematis scramble through the trees, and whimsical corners and well-placed seats invite reflection and rest, especially the sweet rose arbour planted with hostas and ferns beside babbling cool stream.

The garden created in Angelique's memory was so successful that coach loads can now visit and be treated to home cooked lunch in the old orangerie. A new formal garden has been added to the back of the 17th century chateau, but whilst this adds to the visit and is successful in design terms, you can tell where all the love is invested.

Les Jardins d’Angélique
Route de Lyons
76520 Montmain (between Rouen & Lyons la Forêt)

tel 02 35 79 08 12

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