Natural Swimming Pool

I loved designing this natural swimming pool.  They are becoming more and more popular in the UK, having been around on the continent for some time. Combining natural filters and oxygenating plants, a natural swimming pool will cleanse itself without the need for chemicals like chlorine.  Plants insects and the environment all benefit - not to mention the joy of being without 'green' summer blonds and bleach-scented skin! The technology is taking off, and it is now possible to have natural swimming pool with a regeneration (planted) area as this one, or one with natural filters alone if space is very tight. (Double click for a larger image)


  1. I just discovered your blog - welcome to Blotanical! I am enjoying looking through your posts. Thanks for sharing these wonderful gardens with us.

  2. are these swimming pools the same as wetlands? in australia wetlands are designed in many large public projects as a way of treating run-off - however they are not usually for swimming -

  3. Thanks for your messages - they are not the same as wetlands, although they share some of the beneficial aspects of micro climate and habitat creation, and water storage - but have the benefit of a quick dip on a hot day!


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