Tomato leaves

Silence is golden, but dull on a blog. I have been biting my tongue whilst trying to do finals, NSPCC lunch (thanks if you came - it raised over £2700) and organise the MALA exhibition, but cannot resist 2 mins to answer a question on tomatoes.

What did I mean by stripping the leaves up to the first truss?

Because Tomatoes are the battery hens of the veg world, forced in pots to produce as much fruit as poss and then chucked out after a - well loved and organic of course - life, they can get too crowded in the greenhouse, stopping air flow, promoting fungus and blight. So, if you remove all the leaves up to the first truss you let the air flow around the plants, and also encourage the sap up to the first truss without the nutrients dallying on the way to feed the lower leaves.

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