Taking Cuttings

Now is a great time to take cuttings of tender plants like pelargoniums, as they will have time to root and grow on under cover before being planted out after the last frost (mid May in Kent)

Use  a 50:50 mix of perlite and multi-purpose compost. The plant will not need much food, drainage and support and more important.

Fill a 3cm pot with the mixture and water thoroughly

Tap the pot firmly, but do not push down on the compost itself

Choose a healthy stem and cut below a node. Preferably a non-flowering stem, otherways cut the flower out.

Take this cutting and remove one of the leaves - so the plant has less to keep alive and can concentrate on rooting

With a clean sharp knife cut across the stem below the node

Dip the cutting in hormonal rooting powder with a fungicide

Use a dibber to make a hole 

Firm the cutting in, so that it will be well supported by the compost but have access to plenty of air within the perlite/compost mixture

You can fit 2 or 3 in a pot, make sure the leaves are not touching as this may cause them to rot

Seal them inside a plastic bag with an elastic bag and water from the bottom - here they have capillary matting in the greenhouse, but an occasional saucer of water would also do the job - they will not lose too much moisture because of the plastic bag, so don't overwater - rot is the main enemy!

Take the bag off once they are rooted, they will then grow away incredibly quickly.

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