Garden Studio Seed Sowing Notes - Small Seeds

As promised photographic notes to accompany the small seed sowing session:

1. Overfill your tray with a mixture of about 50:50 compost and vermiculite.  If using multipurpose compost remove any large lumps or fibres.  Push into the corners and refill them to prevent slumping.

2. Use a sawing action from middle to edges to remove excess compost

3. Firm down gently, turn tray around and firm gently again

4. Water with a fine rain, or stand in water to allow it to be absorbed from the bottom.
If you are sowing early or in conditions of low light and cold, spray with copper sulphate to prevent damping off.

5. Sprinkle seed evenly across compost.  
You can mix very fine seed with sand to make this easier.

6. Cover with a fine layer of compost mixture

7. Label and put in a sealed plastic bag or under a lid, in temperature as per seed packet or seed requirements. You may not have to water until germination, just check the compost is damp to the touch.  If compost becomes dry water from the bottom.
Place  either in the light or under a piece of paper to exclude the light as per packet.
Remove plastic lid when you see seed leaves.

Next notes: pricking out

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